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2018 Wiccan Chat Calendar of Topics1 min read

#WiccanChat is a weekly chat on Twitter run by us, Plentiful Earth! We love bringing the Pagan and Wiccan community together to talk about fun and complex topics that help us think about our craft on a deeper level! Our chat has been around since 2017; big shout out to our amazing regular chatters! We love you!

Beginner? No problem! Our Wiccan Chat are created with every level of Witch in mind!

How to #WiccanChat

  1. Find and follow us on Twitter: @plentiful_earth
  2. Join us every Wednesday at 11am CT.
    1. ET: 12pm
    2. MT: 10am
    3. PT: 9am
  3. We ask a new question every 10 minutes for a full hour!
  4. Share your knowledge!

2018 #WiccanChat Topics

Date Topic
1/3/2018 The Power of Affirmations
1/10/2018 Coming out of the Broom Closet
1/17/2018 Making new friends in the Craft
1/24/2018 Animals + Familiars
1/31/2018 Imbolc
2/7/2018 Books on Witchcraft
2/14/2018 Love and Love Spells
2/21/2018 Witches + Pop Culture
2/28/2018 Mythical Creatures
3/7/2018 Wicca vs. Witchcraft
3/14/2018 Astrology + Numerology
3/21/2018 Ostara
3/28/2018 Wicca 101
4/4/2018 Crystal Chat
4/11/2018 Friday 13th
4/18/2018 Earth Day
4/25/2018 Beltane
5/2/2018 Working with Earth Magick
5/9/2018 Working with Air Magick
5/16/2018 Sects of Wicca
5/23/2018 Working with Fire Magick
5/30/2018 Witchcraft 101
6/6/2018 Working with Water Magick
6/13/2018 Psychic Abilities – Human or Special?
6/20/2018 Summer Solstice
6/27/2018 Wiccan Shopping: Online or IRL
7/4/2018 How to use national holidays for magick
7/11/2018 Wicca for less fortunate followers
7/18/2018 Hows, Whys, and Styles of Meditation
7/25/2018 Tools of the Craft
8/1/2018 Lammas (The oft forgotten Sabbat!)
8/8/2018 Practical Magick
8/15/2018 Magickal Relaxation
8/22/2018 Wicca in Pop Culture: Wins + Fails
Crafty Crafts: How to make your own tools
9/5/2018 Wicca with Children
9/12/2018 Affirmations
9/19/2018 Mabon Magick
9/26/2018 Animal Familiars
10/3/2018 Exorcism/Possession
10/10/2018 Hauntings
10/17/2018 Ancestor Work
10/24/2018 Psychic Abilities – Divine or Ancestral?
10/31/2018 Samhain Celebrations
11/7/2018 Wiccan Moving: New Home Rituals
11/14/2018 Wiccan Careers: How to Witch at Work
11/21/2018 Wiccan Cooking: Kitchen Witchery
11/28/2018 The Elemental Corners
12/5/2018 Elemental Beings + Energies
12/12/2018 Winter Magick
12/19/2018 You Yule!
12/26/2018 New Year New You?

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